How Sweet It Is...

Retired educators Denise Scronce and Cindi Norris opened the first franchise of the popular bakery, Burney’s Sweets and More, on September 16, 2014 in downtown Clinton.  Doris and Tom Burney, owners of Burney’s in Elizabethtown and Southport, decided to venture out and sell franchising rights to the two sisters, answering their prayers.

The idea to open a bakery-style business began a year ago after Norris’ home-based business began growing and she realized she was going to have to expand into a new location.  Norris has been baking homemade goodies such as cake pops, cookie pops and suckers for her business, "How Sweet it Is". 

Scronce and Norris were familiar with Burney’s from vacationing at White Lake and they approached them with the business idea. It wasn’t the first time the Burneys had been approached by people, but up until the sisters’ visit, the couple had declined to begin any type of partnership with anyone. After much praying, from both sides, the Burneys decided to sell Scronce and Norris the franchise.

 The sisters had a couple of sites in mind to start this new adventure, but they all fell through. Their final destination, Vance Street, was perfect...nothing short of divine intervention.

Since the business was a "family" endeavor, the next task was to set the mood so that you walked away feeling like a part of the family too.  To celebrate part of the family that would have loved this adventure, a logo was create with a  bluebird-a memorial tribute to Dawn Cannady (the third sister who passed away to cancer ).  The bluebird is carried out through the décor as well.  "You’ll see family faces working in here,” Scronce said. “We are a family-oriented business. Not only that, but we want everyone to see this is a Christ-centered family.”  Scronce added, if customers come in and leave not feeling the Christ-centered family orientation, they as a business haven’t achieved their goal.

For both sisters, this new endeavor was a dream coming to light.
“We both had dreams and when we put our dreams together, along with the Burneys, it just made everything that much sweeter,” Norris said.